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Products and pricing

All our products are supplied with pad for the door and fixing kit with instructions

Prices below exclude postage:

​1 to 5 units despatched via Royal Mail: £10.00

6+ units despatched via Royal Mail: £20.00




Long Reach


Replacement units

The Universal Doordwell

The Universal Doordwell is our best selling product. It can be fitted to the wall or the floor and will work on almost all doors which have a pneumatic or sprung closer system.

The bracket can be used with the "u" clip to be fitted to a wall (see installation page for instructions). If the "u" bracket is removed then the Doordwell can be fixed to the floor.

The Universal Doordwell is made from high grade aluminium and has been tested for its strength and reliability.

PRICE: £33 (plus postage)

The Long Reach Doordwell

The Long Reach Doordwell is a 45 degree angle bracket. This type of Doordwell is used where doors only open to a 90 degree angle to the wall and you can not fix a Universal Doordwell to the floor.

PRICE: £44 (plus postage)

Replacement rubber sucker unit and Plastic disc

This is a replacement option should your Universal or Long Reach Doordwell require a replacement rubber sucker unit.

PRICE: £17.50 (plus postage)

Option to add plastic disc to stick to the door for additional £2.50 each.

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